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For 16 to 19 year old physics students and their teachers with video and supporting notes.

The Fizzics site contains over 40 free physics video tutorials and over 100 pages of concise topic notes free to study or download. There are details of around seven hours of teaching video on DVD. The tutorials are intended to cover AS level and A level physics and the grade 12 curriculum.

These teaching and learning resources are ideal for for physics exam revision and for introducing and following up concepts covered in class.

Play the video for more detail.

Comprehensive treatment of topics in video tutorials on DVD

The topics containing a comprehensive selection of quality video lessons in high resolution.

Forces and motion including momentum, circular motion, gravity and satellites

Current electricity, magnetism and electromagnetism
Progressive waves, standing waves, light, the particulate nature of light, simple harmonic motion and resonance
Heat and the kinetic theory of gases
Nuclear physics, atomic structure and radioactivity
A CD of all available notes in pdf (over 100 pages) will be sent with each order
The DVDs are particularly useful for students and teachers needing a easily and permanently accessible set of resources for a whole physics course.

New video included on the DVD in the electricity section on measuring and calculating resistivity and conductivity. Details here.

Useful links

A page of links to general physics information, other physics educational site relevant to 16 to 18 students, examination boards and past papers.

Free video resources

These tutorials are generally older and less comprehensive in coverage than those on DVD  but with over 40 short tutorials, I think they will be useful to many students.

Two new videos on using equations of motion and the independence of horizontal and vertical motion, here.

New video tutorial on real and apparent magnitude, using a Hertzsprung Russell diagram and using Cepheid Variable stars to measure distance here.

Free video published in August explaining Kirchoff's Second Law (In a closed circuit the sum of the EMFs is equal to the sum of the PDs) by using measurements around a series circuit here.

Free notes

There are over 100 A4 sheets of compact notes on essential topics. The high quality images are easy to use on line or to copy by dragging to your desktop or by taking a screenshot

New notes on Kirchoff's Second Law added here in August

Revising for exams.

Some very quick suggestions from The Fizzics Organization with notes and video. These ideas apply to all subjects.

GCSE physics

A site for GCSE physics including notes and video at

Some user comments about the videos on DVD