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Why you should buy physics video lessons

With well over 12 hours of lessons they are a flexible resource saving time and effort in summarising a topic, revising at the end of a course or helping an absent student catch up.

On this page you can buy physics video lessons in several ways, detailed below. All forms of order are welcome. The videos will be dispatched promptly upon receipt of an official school order, on payment through PayPal or receipt of a cheque. 

Prices for individual orders via PayPal are shown in the right hand column. You do not need to have a PayPal account to order through PayPal you can simply use a credit or debit card.

The cost for schools and other institutions includes the right to place the videos on a closed school network enabling access to all students. If the school is small I may be able to offer a lower price but the standard the cost for all video lessons (well over 100 in total with a running time of more than 12 hours) for a school or college is £79. If you are ordering for a small school  contact me here roger@fizzics.org 

We will supply a copy of physics lessons on memory stick in "Quicktime Movie" format and notes in pdf for a single institution, which can then be placed on your school server for use anywhere within the school and for the students at home providing it is a closed, password protected system.

A simple list of all the available lessons for A level is here

A simple list of of all the GCSE lessons is here

Details of all the video lessons available are here

An index of all the available notes and access to copy these are here

Information about the site and customer comments are here.

Prices include first class postage and packing worldwide. Paypal will automatically charge in your local currency.

We will dispatch the video lessons promptly on Paypal payment or upon receipt of an official school order, which includes the name, address, email address and telephone number of the school. You may also order by post enclosing a cheque. The prices shown include p&p worldwide. VAT is not applicable.

School orders or other official orders may be sent by email to:


Or by mail to:

The Fizzics Organisation

115 Akeferry Road

Graizelound,  Haxey




PayPal payment links

Flash drive for video lessons and notes

 A compact package containing a big resource for teachers and students of physics.

The video is in Quicktime format and the notes are pdf.

All prices includes post and packing worldwide and a copy of all available notes.

If you want these quickly then PayPal provides you with speed, extra security and assurance. PayPal will automatically convert the charge to your local currency. You do not require to have an account with PayPal, you can use a debit or credit card.

To buy all video lessons particularly designed for 16 to 19 year old students (British A level) together with all available notes on a memory stick for £40 (that is about $49, €48 , IR3380 or $AUS68) click below.                                  £40 paypal button

To buy lessons suitable for 14 to 16 year old academic syllabus (British GCSE) together with all available notes on a memory stick, cost £17 (that is about $22, €21 , IR1440 or $AUS29) click below.

£17 button

To buy all available video lessons and notes for school, college or other institution network on a memory stick please click below cost £79 (that is about $98, €94 , IR6750 or $AUS134). Alternatively please contact me by mail or email on the address given on this page to make an official order by email or post.

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