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Home schooling and the Covid19 (coronavirus) epidemic.

As many students around the world are suffering home schooling these are all free resources that may help to support you. Many sites, for example BBC bitesize are more comprehensive but these notes contain many videos showing practical demonstrations together with the explanation.

These Notes and explanations are on easily downloaded PDF sheets and they cover most of the more difficult physics topics (and some of the easier ones!) aimed at students and their teachers in the 15 to 19 year range, as well as enquiring adults.

Recently added video lessons include:

Boyles' Law - notes and video  Explaining the law and its uses

Charles' Law - Notes and video Explaining what the Law means and how it is used

Half Life, The Decay Constant and Carbon dating - aimed at A level physics students (aged 16 to 19) a summary of the background explanations and mathematics

The photoelectric effect - light is lumpy  Explaining what the photoelectric effect is and why this evidence caused a rethink about the nature of electromagnetic radiation.

Measuring Planck's Constant which is a more advanced explanation of why and how an estimate of the value can be made using an LED

Transverse and Longitudinal waves Intended for students aged 14 to 17 or for revision revision the lesson explains the difference and how we measure amplitude, frequency and wavelength.

Polarised light and uses  The video explains what polarised light is, the effects it can cause and some of the applications.

The life and death of a star The video explains the formation, existence as a main sequence star and the ways in which differently sized suns complete their life cycle.

Newton's Law of Gravity  The video explains the Law, the equation relating force to mass and distance and why it depends upon the inverse square law.

Rutherford's Gold Leaf and alpha particle experiment  A key topic in physics courses, this famous experiment was first performed nearly one hundred years ago and caused a complete rethink in our understanding of atomic structure. The video explains what the observations were and what Rutherford deduced from them.

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Links and support

If you are a student preparing for examinations it is essential that you revise well and that you practice examination questions. You must check your answers with your teacher if you can or with standard answers provided by the exam boards.

To help you revise I have listed some links to other websites I think might help. These include those with useful notes although not usually much video. I have only chosen those which seem to me to be authoritative and accurate. There are also links to the A level physics syllabus of all UK exam boards who almost all provide past papers and mark schemes.

You might find it helpful to watch this revision guide here.


Many of my video lessons together with many others are available on the "Curious" video website here. You can check it out with no obligation if you click here.

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