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The page you were searching for does not exist but I think you will be able to find the information from here. There are many notes and video lessons available.

Free notes and video lessons

Notes and explanations for most of the more difficult physics topics aimed at students and their teachers in the 15 to 19 year range as well as enquiring adults. Many of the topics are supplemented by video lessons and easily downloaded PDF sheets.

Physics notes


Many of my video lessons together with many others are available on the “Curious” video website here. You can check it out with no obligation if you click here.

Streaming service – example 

Or read a little more about it for an offer discount here

Video lessons to buy

A large collection of lessons in a convenient form, including the free lessons but adding many more are offered here. Postage is included in the price. The videos are in .mov format conveniently on a data stick.  This is a secure site. All purchases are made through PayPal. Institutions may order via email or post with an official order form. There is no instance on this site where you will be asked for any information or personal details.

Video lessons to buy

Links and support

If you are a student preparing for examinations it is essential that you revise well and that you practice examination questions. You must check your answers with your teacher if you can or with standard answers provided by the exam boards.

To help you revise I have listed some links to other websites I think might help. These include those with useful notes although not usually much video. I have only chosen those which seem to me to be authoritative and accurate. There are also links to the A level physics syllabus of all UK exam boards who almost all provide past papers and mark schemes.


You might find it helpful to watch this revision guide here.