Video lessons on magnetism and electromagnetism

An understanding of magnets and electromagnetism is essential in the operation and design of the whole of the electricity supply industry. Magnetism is the fundamental driving force in electric machines causing movement i.e. motors.

This video tutorial series begins with the shapes of magnetic fields and the creation of fields around a wire or coil carrying a current. The second video describes how we define the strength of a field and another describes how we can measure the strength of a field.

The videos show how these fields can be created around a conductor carrying an electric current and how these can be used to create a force to produce movement - Fleming's Left Hand Rule.

The lessons then move on to some of the laws and the practical applications of electromagnetism, Faraday's and Lenz's Laws.  

Finally the construction and use of transformers, which are fundamental to our everyday lives in the production and distribution of electrical energy are described and explained.

Notes on magnetism and electromagnetism are here.

Details of video lessons on memory stick are here.

An introduction to magnetism and magnetic fields

Magnetic flux and magnetic flux density

Transformers - how transformers work and what we use them for

Measuring magnetic flux density

Flemings left hand rule

Eddy currents and transformers

Electromagnetic induction, Faraday's Law and Lenz's Law