Standing waves

Standing waves are sometimes called stationary waves. They are fundamental to all musical instruments and essential to analyse in most large vehicles and structures. They are caused by a wave reflecting backwards and forwards in an enclosed space so that the wave interferes with its reflection. This video tutorial is in four parts, illustrated throughout by demonstrations, diagrams and animation. Starting with an explanation of what these are it shows how they are formed by the interference of a wave and its reflection. The fundamental and harmonics of standing waves in a system are shown and the importance of understanding the waves is briefly explained.

There are illustrated notes which you are free to copy, available here

There are several more detailed video lessons on standing / stationary waves available for you to buy within the collection on data stick. Details are here.



Introducing standing waves

Standing waves in tubes

The video reminds viewers what standing / stationary waves are in general terms.  It then goes on to explain how these can be created within a tube and how the molecules inside the tube oscillate.




Standing waves in tubes