Physics notes sheets

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Units of distance notes and video    Measuring distance by parallax/triangulation notes and video     Life cycle of stars     Geostationary and polar satellites notes and video     Big Bang theory and evidence     Development of the Universe after the Big Bang      Real and apparent magnitude     Hubble's Law and measuring distance notes and video     The age of the universe notes and video     Using Hertzsprung Russell diagrams notes and video     Cepheid variable stars      Type 1A supernova

Atomic structure

Protons, neutrons, electrons and isotopes notes and video      Quarks and leptons notes and video     Binding energy and stability     Rutherford's gold leaf Experiment    What are alpha particles     Feynman diagrams notes and video    What do quarks make       Beta minus and beta plus notes and video

Capacitance and capacitors

What is a capacitor and what does it do notes and video     Capacitors in series and parallel notes and video    Capacitor area, spacing and dielectric     Capacitor time constant notes and video

Digital imaging and signals

 The difference between analogue and digital signals        Pixels, bytes and bits in a digital image      Smoothing and sharpening a digital image

Electricity  - electric current

Kirchoff's First Law notes and video        Coulomb's and amps notes and video     Drift velocity of electrons notes and video

                      - potential difference

Understanding and measuring potential difference video and notes       EMF and internal resistance notes and video        Kirchoff's second Law video and notes    Potential dividers and potentiometers

                  - electrical resistance

Electrical resistance and Ohm's Law notes and video       Resistance and temperature graphs        Resistance of a filament bulb      The characteristics of a diode       Electrical resistivity       Internal resistance and EMF

                   -Transmitting and using electricity

AC / DC live and neutral      Electrical cables and plugs notes and video     Fuses notes and video        How electrical earthing works notes and video      Electrical energy and power

Energy resources to produce electricity

Explaining renewable and non renewable energy       Advantages and disadvantages of renewable resources      Advantages and disadvantages of common non renewable resources

Fluid flow Each page includes a video lesson  

The Bernoulli Effect      The Coanda Effect      The Magnus effect

Force and motion
                                      -Moments and The Law of Moments  

What is a moment      The Law of Moments including video lesson     Using the Law of Moments       Calculations on The Law of Moments

                                        -Newton's Laws of Motion

Newton's First Law     Newton's second Law   Newton's Third Law   Law of Momentum   Using Impulse and Momentum video lesson

                                         -Gravity and satellites

Newtons Law of Gravity     Gravity and gravitational potential        Satellites polar and geostationary

                                        -Circular motion

Angular velocity notes and video       Force and acceleration in circular motion       Polar and geostationary satellites notes and video



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