Physics video lessons to buy

Physics video lessons to buy

For teachers they are an invaluable resource, time saving, quickly deployed and may be placed on the school network. They will immediately summarise or revise a topic or support a student who has missed a lesson.  

Physics video lessons are no substitute for live well taught lessons containing hands on practical experiment but they are great additional back-up, a reminder of previous work, an aid to revision and excellent support for those in home education or who have suffered absence from school. They are extremely useful to help to fill in gaps for lessons missed or misunderstood and as a quick summary support at the end of a topic. In particular video can rapidly show practical measurements and dynamic changes which cannot be rapidly demonstrated in the classroom during revision or summary.

A list of the lessons for 14 to 16 year old students is here                    

A list more advanced topics for 16 to 19 year old students is here level lessons is here   

(this includes all of those for younger students for catch-up and revision )

Details of the physics video lessons available can be seen from the section index at the bottom of this page. Some of these are intended for an introduction to A level topics and therefore can be used for GCSE (14 to 16 year old) and these are marked appropriately. All video lessons are included within the A level (16 to 19 year old) collection, only those marked as suitable are in the GCSE collection.

Supplied on USB data stick in .mov (quicktime) format there are over one hundred physics lessons / tutorials on video covering a wide range of physics topics. With a running time of over 12 hours and supported by a wide range of illustrated notes. All the notes are on this site but are included with any purchase. Schools may place these resources on their own intranet providing a permanent, powerful student aid at a one off cost.

Rather than buying the lessons you can stream some of the longer Fizzics tutorials through the website.  The site contains over 25000 closely vetted lessons on   scientific, educational, academic and general interest topics. For more information on an offer through this site

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