GCSE video lessons


Astronomical distances units.mov

Big bang and evidence.mov

Measuring distance to the moon and near planets.mov

Satellites Geostationary and polar.mov

Stars - life cycle.mov


Atomic structure

Fundamental particles.mov

Protons neutrons and electrons and isotopes.mov

Rutherford’s gold leaf experiment and atomic structure.mov


Current electricity

Current and charge.mov

Current in series and parallel for GCSE.mov


Electric current and Kirchhoff's first Law.mov

Explaining EMF and internal resistance.mov


Ohms Law.mov

Resistivity and conductivity.mov

Resistors in parallel.mov

What is resistance.m4v


Electricity generation and energy resources

Electricity generation and energy resources.mov

Intro to renewable and non-renewable energy resources.mov

Force and motion

Momentum collisions hd.mov

Momentum rockets hd.mov

newton's second law.mov

Newton's third law.mov

Newton"s first law.mov



supplied on data stick


Brownian motion.mov

Specific heat capacity.mov

Specific latent heat.mov

The Kelvin scale and absolute zero.mov


Magnetism and electromagnetism

Magnetic fields-domains, field lines and shapes.mov



Nuclear fission and fusion

Nuclear Fission.mov



Properties of alpha beta and gama.mov

Radioactive decay, half life and carbon dating.mov


Waves and light

Converging lenses.mov

Drawing ray diagrams for converging lenses.mov

Fibre optics.mov

Interference for GCSE.mov

Reflection of waves.mov

Reflection, refraction and diffraction.mov

Refraction of waves.mov

The Doppler effect.mov

The electromagnetic spectrum.mov

The eye.mov

Transverse and longitudinal waves amplitude frequency, wavelength and speed.mov

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