Video lessons on simple harmonic motion and resonance

The two video lessons below on simple harmonic motion, resonance and damping total thirty minutes each being in several sections. There is a section of the first video shown as an example at the bottom of the page.


Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM) 21 minutes
Starting with an overview and definition explaining and showing practical examples with relevant displacement, forces and velocity changes. The video moves on to the two major examples of exam boards, the oscillating spring and the pendulum. With demonstrations taking results and creating graphs with analysis of the gradient in terms of the spring and pendulum properties.

The standard demonstration with a sand filled pendulum to show the relationship to a sine curve is followed by graphical comparison of displacement, acceleration, velocity and energy with time. The video finishes with a round up of the equations used to calculate instantaneous acceleration, velocity and displacement.

Resonance and Damping 10 minutes
An overview and a definition of the effect is given followed by a demonstration and explanation of Barton's pendulums. Practical examples of resonance are illustrated together with the common need for damping, illustrated with commonly used graphs of the effect of resonance and damping on the amplitude of oscillation.

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Methods of damping are illustrated and explained including shock absorbers and the protection of building in earthquakes.

Example - introduction to SHM