A quick tour of the Fizzics site

Take a bit of time (it is not long) for the Fizzics video tour. It seems only right to have a video explanation because the site is largely about video lessons. On the site there are over sixty free video lessons and well over 100 sheets of detailed illustrated notes on key topics. You are free to copy and print the notes as you need them.

In addition there are over one hundred extended physics video tutorials available to buy on memory stick, a fantastic and cheap resource for students and teachers.

Details of all are easy to find. This video tour takes you quickly through the menu offered and when you have finished use the links at the top of the page or these below.

Physics notes              Free physics video lessons            

Physics video lessons to buy            

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Streaming service - example 


If is coming up to revision or exam time you might like to get some ideas about how to make this less tedious and more effective.

Try these revision suggestions.

If you need to check your ability to answer exam questions (you absolutely must do this sometime) then on this page there are some useful exam board links here.

In addition to the exam board links there are links to other useful physics sites. I have aimed to only connect to those which I think are authoritative and accurate and where the explanations are neatly made with diagrams, illustrations or video. I have included a description of each link listed.

Links to exam boards and physics resources


Fizzics video tour