Free Physics video lessons

The majority of the free physics video lessons in the groups below are suitable for those studying physics from the age of 16 upwards ( British A level standard). Many lessons are designed to be preliminary revision of earlier work and are therefore suitable for 14 to 16 year physics ( British GCSE  ) . Video lessons are especially useful for quick revision, for filling in gaps in knowledge and understanding due to absence and to consolidate a concept at the end of a session.

There are extensive illustrated notes sheets to compliment the video lessons and a much more comprehensive and detailed selection of video lessons to buy.    Video lessons to buy details here

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The kinetic theory of gases
Magnetism and electromagnetism


Nuclear fission and fusion




Simple harmonic motion ( SHM )


Standing waves


Progressive waves


Visible light
Physics revision not just for physics but any revision. A few suggestions about how to make your time more effective and maybe less boring.
Links to other useful physics resources (not as good as these of course!)