About the Fizzics Organization

I aim to help students to do better and to understand the subject rather than just learn. To understand physics and to use it effectively has the prospect of providing a fulfilling and rewarding career as well as adding to the benefit of the whole of society. To do all of this, the key facts and concepts first have to be mastered and then applied. It is essential to have hands on experience of science but I think that video tutorials and accompanying notes offer great support. They assist good teaching in summarising and revising sections of the syllabus.
I am an experienced physics teacher (in fact rather more experience than I really like to admit to). I have taught in large and successful schools mostly to 15 to 18 year old students taking UK qualifications of GCSE and A level. In addition I have tutored a large number of students for entry to medical schools, Oxford and Cambridge.
This Fizzics website was first launched in 2008 and has since then been used by around 400,000 students and teachers.
If you have any questions then contact me at  roger@fizzics.org
Some customer comments are below:
Hi Roger,
Just letting you know I think your (GCSE) DVD is brilliant.
best wishes,

Dear Roger
I'm happy that I bought the dvd's from the Fizzics Organization. I regularly use them in my lessons.
Best regards

Great! Thanks for your efforts, they really do help me understand the various topics in detail that is very well explained and thought out.

Hi Roger,
Thank you for these videos. I find them extremely lucid and to the point.
I look forward to your next videos.

Hey thank you so much and I do find the videos extremely useful. I am terrible at physics and hopefully I'll get better at it with the help of your videos.

Thank you for your prompt delivery. The videos will definitely be helpful in teaching physics to our A level students.
Rajieb C

Having used my new set of your tutorial DVDs for just three weeks I am delighted as they are as good as the sample videos that I have already tried. As I use them with my students I see new things in them that confirm my initial impression that they are carefully thought out and well put together - a great resource!
Dr Nicholas M

I received the discs on Friday and they are fantastic. I love the clarity of your teaching and graphics. I know they are going to make a difference to my students. Best wishes and a big thank you

Great videos very helpful.
Thanks again

I am loving your resources. Your resources really help me to do a better job, knowing how to pitch it at the right level is a problem you are really helping me to solve.

I very much enjoy your science, great and timely work.
At present I produce a popular science program at the non-commercial cable channel in Moscow. I would like to ask for your permission to use fragments of some of your videos in our programs.
Thank you in advance
Dr. Leon R

Dear fizzicsorg,
We are a non profitmaking educational support team who are producing teaching material for a group of schools in Wales, UK.
Please give us permission to use the video 'Metals a starter for A level' from your YouTube site.
This is an excellent demonstration video and would be grateful if you would allow us to include it in the teaching resource.
Thank you in anticipation,

I think these are great. No fluff and right to the point, unlike other resources I've looked at.
Regards  Guy

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